Year 12 Chemistry Holiday Course

Save time during the term

Get ahead in the school holidays

Gain a thorough understanding of the Year 12 chemistry module over two weeks in the school holidays. During the term, you’ll have more time to practise chemistry exam papers!

Essential skills

Problem solving skills

Be equipped with the chemistry skills to solve new, unfamiliar and challenging scientific theories and models. Every time.

No more guesswork

Working with confidence

Focus on improving scientific communication skills now that you have a clear understanding of key concepts. With the best teachers, resources and support on your side there’s nothing to fear!

What our Year 12 Chemistry students receive

Chemistry Theory Book

Chemistry Work Book

Daily Chemistry Quizzes

Chemistry Workshops

End of Course Chemistry Topic Test

Prac Day

Get ahead with our 9-day School Holiday Courses

Our Year 12 Chemistry Holiday Course Program (New Syllabus)

Module 5: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions


9 Jan - 19 Jan

Module 6: Acid/Base Reactions



11 Apr - 23 Apr

Module 7: Organic Chemistry



4 Jul - 14 Jul

Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas


Year 12 Chemistry Holiday Course Details (New Syllabus)

9 daily engaging lessons in the school holidays

September - October

Module 5: Equilibrium and Reactions

Lesson 1: Reversible Reactions

Lesson 2: Le Chatelier’s Principle

Lesson 3: Qualitative Analysis of Equilibrium

Lesson 4: Equilibrium Constant 1

Lesson 5: Equilibrium Constant 2

Lesson 6: Solubility Product 1

Lesson 7: Solubility Product 2

Lesson 8: Acid Dissociation Constant

Lesson 9: Revision and Topic Test


January - January

Module 6: Acid/Base Reactions

Lesson 1: Indicators and Neutralisation

Lesson 2: Theories of Acids and Bases

Lesson 3: Applications of Bronsted-Lowry Theory

Lesson 4: Introduction to pH

Lesson 5: pH Calculations and Buffers

Lesson 6: Titration Calculations

Lesson 7: Titration Technique

Lesson 8: Applications of Titration

Lesson 9: Revision and Topic Test

April - April

Module 7: Organic Chemistry

Lesson 1: Hydrocarbons

Lesson 2: Functional Groups

Lesson 3: Hydrocarbon Reactions

Lesson 4: Alcohols 1

Lesson 5: Alcohols 2

Lesson 6: Organic Acids and Bases 1

Lesson 7: Organic Acids and Bases 1

Lesson 8: Polymers

Lesson 9: Revision and Topic Test

June - July

Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas

Lesson 1: Ion Identification

Lesson 2: Gravimetric Analysis and Precipitation Titrations

Lesson 3: Spectroscopy

Lesson 4: Functional Group Analysis

Lesson 5: Elemental Analysis and Mass Spectrometry

Lesson 6: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Lesson 7: Identification of Organic Compounds

Lesson 8: Chemical Synthesis and Design

Lesson 9: Revision and Topic Test

Our Year 12 Chemistry Course Pricing

9 lessons

per course


3 hrs

per lesson



per course (inc GST)

What you'll get

  • Classes taught by experienced HSC Chemistry teachers

  • 9 engaging theory lessons over 9 days

  • 300+ pages of theory content for each module designed for an in-depth understanding of key chemistry concepts

  • 150+ pages of practice and exam-style questions

  • One-to-one Workshop that address individual learning needs

  • Additional online resources including practice papers and solutions

Love us or walk away!
All courses come with a First Lesson Money Back Guarantee.

Matrix COVID-19 Learning Guarantee

Enrol with confidence. If a Matrix 2022 Term 2 student is absent from their on campus lesson because they are unwell or in self-isolation due to COVID-19, Matrix will provide them access to their missed class with an online video lesson. Learn more here.

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How is Matrix different?

    Matrix Others


Vast classroom teaching experience, HSC and/or university teaching experience with an ability to explain concepts clearly


Have little or no actual teaching experience, cannot explain difficult concepts in a manner that students can understand



Teaching program that covers the NSW Education Standards Authority syllabus. Structured learning system that allows students to develop sound study habits every week


Most private tutors and other tuition centres do not follow a set structure; rather they have an ad-hoc approach without considering timing and outcomes



A full set of resources written by academics and education researchers. Online access to Supplementary exam papers / texts with top responses.


Only address content that students raise, use generic textbooks.



Short quizzes and topic tests held under strict exam conditions to ensure students have a solid understanding of the subject


No exam-style quizzes or tests that assess the student’s weaknesses. Hence, they are not able to identify their specific learning needs



Weekly tracking of Grades, Quiz and Topic Test results so student and parents can monitor their progress.


No measured tracking process, so they cannot tell if the student is struggling or improving.

Learning Management System


Share information, academic resources and advice with classmates from over 220 schools.


Do not have the library of resources or past exams that can help students excel

One-to-one Workshops


Free workshops to target individual learning needs


No additional support outside the lesson.

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