Meet our teachers

We put our student’s ambitions at the heart of everything we do.
It’s about helping them develop a love for learning.

How Matrix teachers are different


All Matrix teachers have teaching experience and hold degrees or doctorates in their field. Standard stuff here.

Great communicators

They're not just knowledgeable but are able to explain things clearly, even the difficult stuff. So you'll have more aha moments!

Teachers vs. Tutors

Unlike our competitors teachers and tutors have separate roles at Matrix. Teachers focus on teaching course content to their class. Tutors help students through one-to-one workshops.

High teaching standards

To ensure teachers meet our strict teaching standards they undergo over 50 hours of classroom training. Also, every teacher has a verified Working With Children Check.

New syllabus ready

Ongoing training and support with our academic heads and new resources ensures Matrix teachers are up-to-date with the new syllabus.

Approved by students

It doesn't make sense to have a teacher that just doesn't click with our students. That's why each term, we conduct anonymous questionnaires on our teachers.

Meet our subject heads

Chief Academic Officer and Head of Science
Dr Alex Argyros
BAdvSc(Hons) PhD

Alex has been teaching since 2004 and has had over twenty years experience teaching science and physics at a secondary and tertiary level and supervising honours and PhD students.

Head of Mathematics
Mr Oak Ukritnukun
BEng(Hons) PhDc

Oak first joined Matrix Education in 2015 whilst working as an engineer for a major Australian airline. He discovered that teaching Maths was his true passion and went on to lead the Matrix Maths Team in 2017.

Over 90 teachers with real teaching experience

Ms Apeksha Goswami
BSc MSc PhDc
Mr Arthur Tang
BSc(Hons) PhDc
Dr Benjamin Cornford
BA(Hons) MCW PhD
Ms Bianca Setionago
Ms Carmen Cheung
BSc MTeach
Ms Charlotte Chan
Mr Daniel Golestan
BSc(Hons) MPhil MTeach
Mr Daniel Tran
BMedChem(Hons) MPhil
Ms Deborah Prospero
Mr DJ Kim
Mr Edward Zhao
Dr Emma Lindley
BAdvSc(Hons) PhD
Ms Emma Throssell
Ms Francesca Lee
Dr Gems Ukrit
BEng(Hons) PhD
Mr George Haddad
Mr Harry Lind
BSc MTeach
Dr Hee-Chan Jang
BEng BSc(Hons) PhDc
Dr Hope McManus
BLS(Hons) PhD
Mr Hussein Baddah
Ms India Boyton
BSc MRes PhDc
Ms Isabel Bunting
Mr Jacques Nieuwoudt
Dr James Batten
BAdvSci(Hons) PhDc
Mr James Kang
BCom BSc
Mr James Wang
BMed MDc
Mr Jason Lin
Ms Jessica Kho
Mr Jonathan Mui
BMu(Hons) BSc(Hons)
Ms Kaitlyn Ngo
Dr Katharine Pollock
BA(Hons) PhD
Dr Katrina Zenere
BAdvSc(Hons) PhD MTeach
Ms Katie Jones
Mr Kenneth Fung
BSc BEng MPhil MSci
Ms Kimberley Nguyen
Ms Louise Donnelly
Mr Marcus Khoudair
Ms Merfat Zeia
Dr Michelle Wong
BSc (Hons) PhD
Dr Natalie Soars
BSc(Hons) PhD
Mr Nathan Castellino
BAdvSc(Hons) PhDc
Ms Ngan Nguyen
Mr Nicholas Fogarty
BA(Hons) PhDc
Mr Nicholas Harvey
BSc BA(Adv)(Hons)
Ms Pavitraa Hathi
BAdvSc BEng
Dr Peter Jurd
BSc(Hons) PhD
Mr Radmehr Shirzady
BMedSc(Hons) PhDc
Mr Richard Zhang
BSc BEng
Ms Sabine Bolwell
Mr Samuel Webster
BA MTeach
Dr Santon Thaver
BMedRes(Hons) PhD MDc
Ms Savindi Ramasundara
BEng BComm MDc
Ms Scarlett Somlo
BA(Hons) BEd
Ms Sophie Woodbridge
BA MTeach
Ms Sora Yang
Ms Stephanie Momsen
BAdvSc DipEd
Mr Sumanth Devathi
BAdvSc BEng
Mr Tasman Fell
BA BSc(Hons)
Dr Thomas Dixon
BEng(Hons) PhD
Ms Tina Mu
BEng MEng
Dr Trish May
Mr Truclam Nguyen
BSc (Hons) MTeach
Dr Vicki Xie
BAdvSci(Hons) PhD
Ms Vivian Law
BSc(Hons) MSc
Mr Weller Zhang
Dr William Jorgensen
BSci (Adv) (Hons) PhD

Our teaching philosophy

Every day we try our best to help students achieve their academic goals.
We really care about what we do and always strive to achieve this.
It’s our mission, not just our job.

"The teachers and workshop tutors answered every one of my questions, ensuring that I understood every concept explored and that I adopted the right study techniques for me to excel. "

Kevin Zhu, Fort St High School

90+ teachers

Experienced and inspirational

50+ hours

Matrix teacher induction training

Over 70%

of teachers are postgraduates

Above 4.6/5

Student satisfaction survey score

Loved by over 4500 students across 220 schools


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