Tips For Matrix Year 11 Subject Selection

Here are some tips that might help you with choosing your Matrix subjects for Year 11 so you can have a head start in your studies.

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Matrix is one term ahead of your school. At school, students cover Year 11 course content over three terms. Matrix allocates four terms for the study of Year 11 courses in order to assist students to develop a more thorough understanding of course content.

GeneralQ: I don’t know which Year 11 subjects I’ve been approved to do at school. Which Year 11 courses should I enrol into at courses?

A: Students are encouraged to enrol in all subjects they intend to study at school.

Q: What should I do if I find out that my school has not approved me for a subject I am doing at Matrix?

A: Notify the Service Team as soon as possible.

English ADVQ: Which level of English should I choose – Standard or Advanced?

A: If given the option, it is advisable for students to enrol in English Advanced as the course generally scales better than English Standard. However, students should be mindful that the concepts at the Advanced level are more challenging and will require greater commitment.

Q: I am undertaking English Standard at school. Is there a course for me at Matrix?

A: The Matrix Year 11 English Advanced Course is designed to prepare students for the HSC English Advanced course, but is suitable for both Standard and Advanced English students in Term 1 as both courses cover the same Area of Study (Discovery). From Term 2 onwards, the content differs between the two courses. Some Standard English students may still find the Matrix Year 11 English Advanced course to be useful for analytical and critical training.

Biology Chemistry Physics Q: What is the difference between Biology, Chemistry and Physics? Which Science subjects should I choose?

A: Students develop a thorough understanding of:

  • Biology: concepts explaining the functioning, origins and evolution of living things and the organisation of life
  • Chemistry: the physical and chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes, matter and its interactions
  • Physics: energy, matter and their interrelationships, investigating natural phenomena and explaining the behaviour of the universe.

Students should select subjects that satisfy the assumed knowledge requirements of their desired university degree program.

Q: I am planning to study a Health Science course at University. Which subject must I undertake – Biology, Chemistry or Physics?

A: It depends on the heath science course that you are considering. Some courses have recommended subjects or assumed knowledge requirements. Please refer to the latest UAC Guide for more information. Students aspiring to study Medicine should consider Chemistry and Physics.

Maths ADV Maths Ext 1 Q: Which level of Maths should I choose – Advanced or Extension 1?

A: Year 10 students who are enrolled in:

  • Stage 5.2 Maths will find the Year 11 Maths ADV course more appropriate. They should only consider Year 11 Maths Ext 1 if they can demonstrate mastery of all Year 10 Maths topics
  • Stage 5.3 Maths should consider the Year 11 Maths Ext 1 course unless they are performing poorly at school.

Q: Why is Year 11 Maths Ext 1 referred to as 3-unit Maths?

A: Year 11 Maths Ext 1 consists of two courses: Year 11 Math ADV and Ext 1. BOSTES has assigned 2 units for the Year 11 Maths ADV course and 1 unit for the Year 11 Maths Ext 1 course. Therefore, if you combine the two courses, the total number of units is 3 units.

Q: Am I able to change between the Year 11 Maths ADV and Year 11 Maths Ext 1 courses at a later stage?

A: Students are allowed to change from Year 11 Maths Ext 1 to ADV but most schools do not allow students to transfer from Year 11 Maths ADV to Ext 1 as the student may have already missed out on essential content for the course. Therefore, we advise any capable students to undertake Year 11 Maths Ext 1 from Term 1.

Q: Why are Year 11 Maths ADV and Maths Ext 1 lessons 3 hours long at Matrix?

A: The concepts taught in Year 11 Maths ADV and Maths Ext 1 are more challenging and time-consuming to learn than Year 10 Maths. As a result, we require the additional time for more thorough explanations and in-class problem solving.

Q: I’m undertaking Maths Ext 1 at school. Do I need to enrol into both Maths ADV and Maths Ext 1 courses at Matrix?

A: The Matrix Year 11 Maths Ext 1 Course covers BOTH Maths ADV and Maths Ext 1 content so it is not necessary to enrol into both courses.

Please note:

The University of Sydney has made Maths a prerequisite for entry into 62 of its degrees. This may be the beginning of a broader trend towards making high school Maths compulsory for some university courses.

As of 2019, Students need to achieve Band 4 in the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) Mathematics (not General Mathematics) to enrol in a range of courses, including economics, commerce, engineering and IT, psychology, pharmacy, veterinary science and science. Other universities, including UNSW and UTS, are also in the process of considering changes to their STEM degrees. Read more at



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