Year 3 English Online Course

How we'll get your child NAPLAN ready at home

Learn at home

Clear, Structured Weekly Theory Lesson Videos

Pair Theory Lesson Videos with the Matrix Theory Book for a structured and easy to follow learning experience with our Subject Matter Experts.

Books delivered to your home

Easy-to-follow resources

A full set of resources written by academics and experienced teachers covering all aspects of the new NSW syllabus.

Individual help

Q&A Boards for personalised responses

Address any gaps in your learning by posting your questions on the Q&A Boards at any time. Receive a written or video response within 1 working day!

Detailed progress check-in

Track your child's progress via the Matrix LMS

Check in on your child’s progress by tracking their test marks. Assess your child’s exam readiness with regular tests which will be marked and returned to you.



What our online Year 3 English students receive

Clear, Structured Theory Lesson Videos

Q&A Boards

Regular Diagnostic Reviews

Comprehensive Theory Book

Practical Exam Skills

Resources that target reading, writing and everything in between

Y3 English Writing Theory 2 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Writing Theory 1 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Comprehension Theory 2 (1200 x 840)
Y3 English Comprehension Theory 1 (1200 x 840)

Clear, Structured Weekly Theory Lesson Videos

Experienced teachers guide you through every concept and example in your Matrix Theory Book.

Easy-to-follow Theory Lesson Videos taught by Subject Matter Experts

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding with easy to follow theory explanations.

Experienced teachers explain every aspect of the syllabus.

Learn at your own pace, online

Pause, replay or speed up and watch as many times as you need.

Re-watch until you understand with video playback options.

Know everything with worked examples

Every page, every example in detail so you don't miss a thing!

Leave no stone unturned! Every question will be answered and explained in each video lesson.

The Matrix+ Primary English Online Learning Method TM

Theory Lesson Videos, Matrix Resources and Online Help at home

Step 1

Watch clear, structured Theory Lesson Videos with your Matrix Theory Book.

Students learn at their own pace with easy to follow theory explanations.

Every Monday (or any day of their choosing), students watch their weekly Theory Lesson Videos.

Step 2

Complete your daily vocabulary retention task.

Grow your child's vocabulary every day.

Each lesson contains a 7-word weekly vocabulary list tested at the beginning of each lesson.

Step 3

Ask questions on the Q&A Boards for individual help.

Stuck on a question? Post questions and receive responses within 1 working day.

After each Theory Lesson, post questions anytime for individual help.

Step 4

Prepare for the tri-weekly Diagnostic Review.

Keep your child on track for success with exam-style Diagnostic Review tests.

Students revise content, techniques, and vocabulary before each Diagnostic Review.

Year 3 English Online Course Details

 Clear, structured theory lessons led by Subject Matter Experts using the Matrix Theory Book.

Essential Writing Foundations

Parts of Speech

Essential Grammar and Vocabulary

Identifying Information in Texts

Using Language Effectively

Compound Words & Contractions and Vocabulary in Context

Dialogue and Punctuation

Compound and Complex Sentences

Introduction to Persuasive Writing

Facts and Opinion

Arguments and Evidence

Persuasive Language Features

Persuasive Paragraph Writing​

Introduction to Imaginative Writing

Descriptive Language

Figurative Language

Dialogue and Action

Imaginative Paragraph Writing​

Structured 9-lesson Course

8-Lesson Online Course

Course begins: Tuesday 11 April 2023

Course concludes: End of the 2023 academic year

Resources will be dispatched to enrolled students on Monday 3 April 2023

*View Matrix+ Terms and Conditions here.

Year 3 English Online Course Teachers


Mr Alfred Cho


Alfred Cho studies at the University of Sydney undertaking a Bachelor of Advanced Studies in Media and Communications and a Bachelor of English. Alfred is an English Teacher at Matrix with a keen interest in film, radio, and TV production.

90+ Teachers

Experienced and inspirational

50+ Hours

Matrix Teacher Induction Training

Over 70%

Of teachers are postgraduates

Above 4.6/5

Student satisfaction survey score

Tried and Tested by Matrix Students


"I enjoyed being able to re-play parts of the video that I misunderstood, or needed to hear for a second time. I also liked being able to skip over some sections which I was comfortable with or had already finished. Being able to do this allowed me to learn in a way that matched my abilities, and kept me engaged during the lesson. This really helped in solidifying my understanding of the new content, as well as maintaining my engagement."

Nia Worthington, St Ursula's College Kingsgrove

"The online lesson was very straightforward and easy to follow, it felt like an actual face-to-face lesson! I really liked the annotations and diagrams that my teacher made alongside the content. Through this online platform, it was actually easier for me to understand the teacher. The structure in which the lesson was presented helped me engage with the question and directly answer it, while also allowing me to learn at my own pace."

Justin Kim, Knox Grammar School

"The online theory lessons complete the entire lesson from that week from beginning to end. There are no questions skipped which provides a better sense of completion and finality to each lesson. Being able to pause the video and rewind is very useful as sometimes I know that I require extra time to run over certain concepts which may be new to me or are more challenging."

Emily Dinh, James Ruse Agricultural High School

Year 3 English Online Course Pricing


(inc GST)
per module.

Year 3 English Online Course includes:


Online lessons taught by Experienced Teachers

9 weeks of 6 Engaging Theory Lesson Videos and 3 Diagnostic Reviews

Detailed Theory Book delivered to your home

Access to Matrix LMS featuring additional resources

Individual help through the Q&A Boards

Personalised and detailed feedback on your child's writing

Tri-weekly Diagnostic Reviews to assess your child's exam readiness and understanding. Marking included.

Access Theory Lesson Videos and Q&A Boards until the end of the academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the teachers in your videos?

Our Matrix classroom Teachers (who are Subject Matter Experts) will be conducting the Online Theory Lesson Videos. They are experienced educators who are knowledgeable and know how to explain things clearly.

How long are the videos online for?

The Matrix+ courses run until 26 March 2023. After the term, students will still be able to access Theory Lesson Videos, Q&A Discussion Boards, and online resources until the end of 31 December 2023.

Can I receive early access?

Do I need to re-enrol every term?

Each term, we’ll check in with you about your Matrix+ enrolment for the following term – you can add, change or remove topics or courses. We’ll then print your new resources and deliver them before the new term begins so you can continue your learning.

When will I receive my resources?

Students who enrol before Sunday 2 April 2023, will have their resources express despatched on Monday 3 April 2023.

What Additional help can my child get with Matrix+?

Students will have exclusive access to a Q&A Boards where they can ask questions related to the subject and have them answered by a Subject Matter Expert within 1 working day.

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