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Free Year 3 & 4 OC Mock Test and Seminar Day

Sat 14 Jan, 2023 , 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Students are invited to test their English, Maths, and Critical Thinking Skills while parents join the Secrets to Acing OC, NAPLAN, and Selective Tests seminar by Mr DJ Kim.

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Strathfield Campus

Assess your child's OC Test readiness and learn how they can prepare for the OC, free.

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Not sure where your child stands with their English, Maths or Critical Thinking Skills? Join our free test day to receive a diagnostic report featuring test scores, performance standards, and recommendations on how to target their weaknesses.

Students will be tested on:


Students at the test will:

  • Sit three mock tests – English, Maths, and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Gain experience completing a test under exam conditions.
  • Receive a diagnostic report featuring test scores, performance. standards, and recommendations on how to target their weaknesses.
  • Assess their OC preparedness and gain insights.

Test structure:

Part 1: English Skills Test

15 Multiple Choice Questions (20 minutes)

  • Reading & Vocabulary (10 Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Grammar (5 Multiple Choice Questions)

Part 2: Maths Skills Test

20 Multiple Choice Questions (20 minutes)

  • Whole Numbers and Place Values of Numbers
  • Number Patterns
  • Geometry and Symmetry
  • Time
  • Weight and Balance,
  • Money – Notes and Coins
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (Year 4 only)
  • Fractions (Year 4 only)

Part 3: Critical Thinking Skills Test

20 Multiple Choice Questions (20 minutes)

  • Reading (5 Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (5 Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Thinking Skills (10 Multiple Choice Questions)


Parents at the seminar will learn:

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Who can attend this event?

Students who are in Year 3 & 4 (2023) and parents who interested in helping their children prepare for the OC test. Years 3 & 4 (2023) Matrix students will be given pre-access to tickets. Please register for each child as spaces are strictly limited.

I've attended the previous seminar and/or mock test, should I join this event?

This event is for new Year 3 & 4 (2023) students and parents. If you’ve attended our previous OC seminar or mock test you do not need to attend this event.

Is it really free to attend?

Yes! We’re hosting the free test and seminar for Matrix students and parents and are also welcoming non-Matrix students who are interested in preparing for English, Maths and Critical Thinking skills which are examined in the OC Test.

Can we do the test online?

No, this test will be performed under exam conditions with the same time constraints applied in tests.

What will happen on the day?

Students must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start to ensure a prompt start. Students should bring their pencil case including a pencil, eraser and pen.

What happens if I register and don't attend?

Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours prior to allow us to invite other students on the waiting list. Any registrant who does not attend will be blocked from future events.

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