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We’ve helped more than 84% of our students obtain an ATAR score of 90 or higher in 2014, of which 76% of these students scored an ATAR over 95 and our highest students scored an ATAR of 99.95.

Shahrin Shamim

I really responded to the engaging teaching style. I liked how the lessons covered both theory and exam techniques to maximise our marks. After my first lesson I was confident I was in the right hands.


Kelly Lin

Matrix provided me with an amazing learning experience in a great environment with inspirational teachers who always want the best for you. It also provided me with confidence in my subjects, as I always learnt the content ahead of time!

Tammy Dang
What I loved most about Matrix was the support network. I had great enthusiastic teachers and made really good friends who were all very supportive of me throughout my HSC year.
Lisa Wang

The vast network of online resources including practice papers, discussion forums and educational links has also helped me make the most out of my study time.

Jenny Im

Matrix provided a comfortable but professional atmosphere which enabled me to study effectively. Matrix has vast resources for every subject and there was always online help available whenever I needed it.

Darwin Ni

I am so grateful for the support and advice that Matrix teachers have given me over the year!

Gavin Lee

The professionalism of teachers and their HSC experience played a big part in my learning.

Prema Majumder

Matrix helped me exceed my ATAR goal. I’ve got more university course options available for me now!

Jason Xu

I improved significantly during my time at Matrix for Physics through the help I received from Matrix.

Bo Xu

Matrix has great Physics resources and the work was well structured so it never had massive jumps in difficulty.

Dennis Xin

The work booklets are really helpful and the facilities are very comfortable to study in.

Mary Nguyen

At Matrix, students receive great support for their learning.

Amanda Lin

The continually engaging teachers provided invigorating classes combined with well-structured resources.

Margaret Zhou

The teachers at Matrix are extremely helpful and motivating. They helped boost my confidence and my marks in the HSC year!

Steven Luu

Matrix has such a great learning environment through detailed resources and dedicated teachers who push students to achieve their full potential.

Aashish Chalasani

Matrix provided me with the confidence and skills necessary to tackle exam questions and construct coherent responses

Suzie Cai

Maths at matrix is like nowhere else, the teachers genuinely care and have so much knowledge they want to pass on.

Daniel Cordas

Matrix provides an excellent learning environment with teachers that genuinely care about each student’s improvement.

Jason Ye

My time at Matrix has been filled with wonderful experiences including learning from the best teachers, making new friends and benefiting from the educational expertise of a first class organisation

Kim Zhang

Matrix is the best at catering to each student’s needs with its admirable system of lessons, workshops and online portal.

Chris Koikas

A dedicated staff of teachers, tutors and service team, a great learning environment and an excellent bank of resources provided by Matrix were intrinsic components in assisting me to achieve my HSC goals.

Anna Cheng

The inspirational teachers at Matrix provide a stimulating learning environment for all students

Raymond Chan

Matrix has resourceful staff and teachers that helped me reach to my potential during the HSC.

Lorjan Naganthiran

After coming to Matrix, I have definitely been able to see an improvement in my school marks.

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