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Concerned about your child’s first NAPLAN writing exam? Looking for a way to teach your child essential persuasive writing skills? This guide will help your child write their very own Band 6 persuasive using annotated samples, structure guides, and marking criteria. Give your child a headstart with persuasive writing skills they’ll need throughout their school career!

Year 3 NAPLAN Persuasive Writing Guide

The Matrix Year 3 NAPLAN Persuasive Writing Guide will help your child:

  • Learn using our annotated sample persuasive
  • Understand how to structure a persuasive
  • Get valuable feedback using marking criteria
  • Improve exam preparedness using our realistic sample prompts

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this Study Pack cost

Nothing. It’s free for anybody to download whether or not you are a Matrix student.

What is the Feedback Card?

The Feedback Card is a printout that is designed to help students and parents work together to evaluate students’ practice writing.

Who is this guide useful for?

This study pack is designed for Year 3 students preparing for the NAPLAN persuasive writing exam. We provide a break-down of the writing prompt, persuasive writing structure, marking criteria, and more!

How should I use this guide?

We recommend parents and children to work through the study pack together. The Feedback Card is designed to help parents give student’s feedback in an easy to understand way.

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