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Secrets to Achieving HSC Success (Year 11 Students)

, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

A step by step guide for identifying, prioritising and setting goals to achieve HSC success.

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Level 4, 210 Clarence Street Sydney, NSW

My marks at school don't reflect my efforts.

Learn to be effective, not just efficient.

Wondering how to be more effective with your studies? We’ll share the secrets of highly successful students and teach you how to develop an effective study routine.

What you’ll learn at the Seminar

Part 1

Am I doing the right things the right way?

  • Learn the habits of highly successful students.
  • Understand the difference between being effective and being efficient.
  • Are you doing the wrong things the right way or doing the right things the wrong way?

Part 2

How does scaling of subjects affect my ATAR?

Part 3

How do I define and translate my goals into actions?

Part 4

How do I track my progress?

We’ll give you our Goal Setting Tools

  • Demonstrations on how to use the Matrix ATAR calculator to breakdown your ATAR goal
  • The Matrix Goal Setting Template: A step by step guide for identifying, prioritising and tracking your personal goals.

Meet our subject matter expert


DJ Kim


DJ is the founder of Matrix Education and has been presenting his ATAR & Scaling Seminar since 2009 to thousands of students and parents at HSC Expos, schools, libraries and at Matrix campuses. With his expertise, he was first to develop the ATAR Calculator and continues to host the most accurate and popular ATAR estimator in Australia. He is also the co-author of the Matrix Science program, course materials and assessments.

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Can anyone attend this event?

This event is strictly for all Year 11 students who want to learn more about how to study effectively.

Can I bring friends along to this event?

Of course! Make sure you register a ticket for each person attending this event.

Is it really free to attend?

Yes it is! Spaces are strictly limited so make sure you secure your ticket.

Does this event run in other locations?

This event is held at the Sydney CBD Matrix Campus which is only 2 minutes from Town Hall station.

We’re just a 2 minute stroll from Town Hall Station

Level 4, 210 Clarence Street Sydney

Praise for this Event


"The seminar was very helpful and informative - I came out of the seminar confident about how to approach my studies."


"The seminar was an eye-opener for me. I walked out with a new-found confidence and motivation to achieve my goals!"


"I had never felt so inspired in my life. The ATAR and Scaling Seminar addressed all the questions I had regarding the HSC and simplified the scaling process into an easy-to-understand system"


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