Year 11 Biology Live Course

Get the Matrix advantage at home

Matrix classroom at home

Live, structured online Biology Classes

Live-streamed, Theory Lessons delivered by inspirational teachers in a virtual classroom.

Books delivered to your home

Fool-proof HSC resources

A full set of resources written by academics and experienced teachers covering all aspects of the new NSW syllabus.

Personalised help

Additional help with online Workshops

Attend online One-to-one or Group Workshops to ask any course related questions.

Weekly progress check-in

Track your progress via the Matrix LMS

Check in on your progress by viewing your weekly quiz marks. Assess your exam readiness with our end of term Topic Test which will be marked with feedback.

Get more 'aha' moments with our inspirational Biology teachers

Ms Apeksha Goswami
BSc MSc PhDc
Mr Harry Lind
BSc MTeach
Ms India Boyton
BSc MRes PhDc
Ms Jane Darmawan
Mr Jason Lin
Ms Merfat Zeia
Dr Natalie Soars
BSc(Hons) PhD
Ms Natasha Freidman
BAdvSc(Hons) PhDc
Ms Nirali Talati
BSc(Hons) MSLP
Mr Stipe Zekanovic
BMedSc(Hons) PhDc
Mr Tom Peters
Dr Vicki Xie
BAdvSci(Hons) PhD
Mr Zachary Frangos
BMedSc PhDc

Stay ahead with our Year 11 Biology Live Online Course

Live-streamed Theory Lessons, syllabus specific resources and online Workshops

Sep - Dec

Module 1: Cells as the Basis of Life

Jan - Apr

Module 2: Organisation of Living Things

Apr - Jun

Module 3: Biological Diversity

Jul - Sep

Module 4: Ecosystem Dynamics

See how our 3 hour live classes are structured

20 min


Review, Quiz and Overview

Teachers revise previous lesson and answer homework questions before conducting an in-class quiz.

60 min

Theory Lesson

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding

Teachers explain key biology concepts which are reinforced by completing exam-style questions

10 min



Students ask questions to clarify understanding

Year 11 Science Timetable

1.5 hour x 9 weekly lessons during the school term

Tue4:30 - 6:00pm
Tue6:10 - 7:40pm
Thu4:30 - 6:00pm
Thu6:10 - 7:40pm
Sun1:30 - 3:00pm
Sun3:00 - 4:30pm
Sun4:40 - 6:10pm
Tue4:30 - 6:00pm
Tue6:10 - 7:40pm
Mon4:30 - 6:00pm
Mon6:10 - 7:40pm
Wed4:30 - 6:00pm
Wed6:10 - 7:40pm
Sun1:30 - 3:00pm
Sun3:00 - 4:30pm
Sun4:40 - 6:10pm
Sydney City

3 hour x 5 daily lessons during the school holidays

4:40 - 7:40pm
Sydney City

Our Year 11 Biology Live Online Course Pricing


per hour


1.5 hrs

per lesson


9 lessons

per course



total fee

What you'll get

  • Classes taught by experienced HSC Biology teachers

  • 200+ pages of theory content for each module designed for an in-depth understanding of key Biology concepts

  • 80+ pages of practice and exam-style questions

  • One-to-one or Live Group workshops to address individual learning needs

  • Additional online resources including practice papers and solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lessons be recorded for students to view after class?

Matrix Live classes are presented in real-time like on-campus classes where students participate and take notes. To protect the privacy of students, they are not recorded.

How will the lessons be structured for Matrix Live?

Matrix Live lessons follow the same structure as on-campus classes. Each lesson will begin with revision, homework help and a weekly quiz. The lesson theory content will then be covered until the last portion of the class where teachers will do a final review of the lesson content

How long does the course run for?

Term courses consist of nine weekly lessons starting from the week commencing on Monday October 11 2021.

When will I receive my resources?

Your Matrix Live resources will be dispatched to your mailing address in 1 business day by Express Post. Please note due to Australia Post delays, Express shipping may encounter an additional 3-5 days delay.

How can I track my child's progress with Matrix Live?

Students and parents can track their progress on the Matrix Learning Management System (LMS). Log in to view quiz marks and end-of-term Topic Test results.

What additional help can my child receive?

Students can book One-to-one or Live Group Workshops to address any learning gaps, or post their questions on the Q&A Boards to receive a response within one working day.

Which online course is right for me?

  Matrix+ On DemandMatrix On Campus
Course delivery

Matrix+ On Demand

8 Theory Lesson Videos delivered by Subject Matter Experts available on-demand. Press play any time or pause, replay the video to suit your pace.

Matrix On Campus

Attend 9 weekly Theory Lessons on campus taight by experienced teachers. Small class sizes ensure students can ask questions and get help.


Matrix+ On Demand

All online and on-campus Matrix courses use the same Theory Book and Work Book. Text Books are delivered to your home.

Matrix On Campus

All online and on-campus Matrix courses use the same Theory Book and Work Book. Text Books are delivered to your home.


Matrix+ On Demand

Homework for Maths and Science are self-marked. For English, improve your writing each week with personalised and detailed feedback.

Matrix On Campus

Homework for Year 7-10 Maths and Science are to be submitted for marking. For English, improve your writing each week with personalised and detailed feedback for weekly written tasks.


Matrix+ On Demand

Weekly online quizzes are marked and to be completed by the student. End-of-term Topic Test is provided and solutions and should be submitted for marking.

Matrix On Campus

Weekly quizzes are marked and the end-of-term Topic Test held under exam conditions is to be submitted for marking by Matrix.


Matrix+ On Demand

Track student progress with weekly quiz marks and end of term Topic Test results on the Matrix Learning Management System (LMS).

Matrix On Campus

Track student progress with weekly quiz marks and end of term Topic Test results on the Matrix Learning Management System (LMS).

Additional support

Matrix+ On Demand

Access to Q&A Boards where students receive responses to their questions within one working day. Students can also rewatch the Theory Lesson Videos to revise.

Matrix On Campus

Have a question outside of class? Get personalised help with one-to-one Workshops.

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