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I hardly do any work during the school holidays.

My school teacher says I need to improve my writing skills.

I need more practice responding to unseen texts.

Gain the essential English and Maths skills for exam success.

Year 10 is an important year for HSC success. Consolidate existing knowledge and gain the critical skills required for a strong foundation. Our Holiday Courses are short, targeted, and highly effective for skills development and exam preparation.

Learning shouldn't stop in the holidays.

Learn how Grace achieved her study goals with Matrix.

“The holiday course went through what I had found most challenging from the previous term. After the holiday course I felt a lot more confident – the stuff I learned at school made a whole lot more sense.”


Grace Zhu, Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney

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How our Year 10 Holiday Courses work

5-day courses for English and Maths helps students consolidate existing knowledge and gain the critical skills required for exam success.

Year 10 English Holiday Course

Students learn how to observe, question, and then compose and sustain increasingly complex written responses to deepen their insights and sharpen their future learning.


Year 10 Maths Holiday Course

Develop Maths skills that are essential for high school success. Each term, we’ll target Polynomials, Quadratics, Trigonometry or Curve Sketching.


Enrol in our Year 10 holiday courses for only $315

What you’ll get:

  • Classes taught by engaging teachers

  • 5 theory lessons over 5 days

  • Comprehensive theory book

  • Customer service support

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