Category: Year 10

Year 10 Subject Selection Seminar Presentation

View the Subject Selection Seminar Prezi from the Year 10 Subject Selection Seminar, one of the 2016 Matrix Success Seminars.

How To Approach Creative Writing in Years 9 and 10

Creative writing is an essential part of the HSC. While the English syllabus for the HSC is changing, this skill will remain part of assessments….

How To Study For English In Year 9 and 10

Years 9 and 10 are important stages in your high school journey, but often students don’t make the most of their time. After a couple years…

Year 9 & 10 English Writing Skills Guide

During years 9 and 10, students will begin to respond to texts using increasingly complex forms and structures. This requires clear and concise expression. The…

Subject Selection Guide For Year 10 Students

Discover how subject selection should be done in consideration of university course ATAR cut offs, assumed knowledge and recommended subject requirements.

Year 10 Maths Algebra: How to Solve Quadratic Equations [Free Algebra Worksheet]

Being able to solve quadratic equations is an essential skill necessary for a number of topics such as curve sketching, and for finding the minimum…

The Ultimate Holiday Reading List for Students

The Matrix English Team loves literature. If you’re looking to further improve in English, reading is the way to go! The school holidays are a prime…

Overcoming the English Slump in Years 9 and 10

“It’s just Year 10. It doesn’t really matter, I mean, these marks don’t even count towards anything. I’ll do the hard work in Year 12.”…

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