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Melissa Li’s Yr 10 High School Hacks

Me, Myself, and I Name: Melissa School: Abbotsleigh Year 10 (2017)   A Little About Me: I play a bright yellow ukulele, and I’m currently reading…

Year 9 & 10: Maths Compulsory For University?

Find out the educational news current Year 9 & 10 students need to know, in order to make informed decisions about subject selection and university…

Year 10 High School Survival Guide

Table of Contents 1. An Overview of Year 10 2. Assessing which subjects are right for me 3. Understanding Year 10 Subjects 4. Year 10 English 5….

How To Analyse A Poem In 6 Steps

Do you struggle analysing poetry? Don’t be embarrassed analysing poetry is difficult and many students and adults struggle with it. Poetry is often written with…

Should I Study HSC English Standard or Advanced?

Year 10 and Year 11 students are faced with a difficult decision – do they undertake English Standard or Advanced. Often students are unsure which…

English Advanced VS English Standard VS English Studies for the New Syllabus

The New Year 11 & 12 (Stage 6) English Syllabus starts in 2018 2018 Year 11 students will begin the study of the new Year…

Year 10 Subject Selection Seminar Presentation

View the Subject Selection Seminar Prezi from the Year 10 Subject Selection Seminar, one of the 2016 Matrix Success Seminars.

How To Approach Creative Writing in Years 9 and 10

Creative writing is an essential part of the HSC. While the English syllabus for the HSC is changing, this skill will remain part of assessments….

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