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Posted on January 4, 2014 by Joshua Xu


When selecting a medicine course there are many Universities and programs. So if you’re like me you’ll have many questions about each one before making a final decision.

The University of Sydney undergraduate entry into their prestigious medical program requires a minimum ATAR of 99.95 or 99.5 for the Music/Medicine combo. Their program involves completing an undergraduate degree (3 years) in Science (Advanced), Medical Sciences, Commerce, Economics or Music with guaranteed entry into Sydney Medical Program (4 years).

So while the your ATAR needs to be very high, there are many perks of this course that made me choose it and might motivate you to work harder to get the ATAR you need!

  1. Firstly, I choose the Advanced Science degree for the first 3 years as it is a very flexible degree which allows me to pursue interests in other areas before delving into the intense medical course. Being able to continue studying my high school subjects in university is really interesting and has widened the scope of my understanding in these areas and their applications in everyday life.
  2. You are also able to continue studying languages and choose commerce or economics degrees before your medical degree if that is what you are also interested in.
  3. There are also many units of study you choose in the undergraduate degree that relate and help greatly in the medical degree (physiology, anatomy and histology etc). This is along with being more mature as you enter medical school allowing you to make the most of it to become the best doctor you can be. (All the top medical schools in the world offer postgraduate degrees)
  4. Sydney University also offers a Talented Student Program which allows the students to develop their research skills in their areas of interest and on issues that have not ever been understood before. The fields of research range from physics to psychology so there is sure to be an area in which you are interested in.
  5. Along with the satisfaction of doing this unique and innovative research, there are many opportunities for exchange to many top universities from the US, Britain, China etc. Going to explore the college life and culture of overseas universities and cities is something that I had always wanted to do and would not be able to do during an undergraduate medical degree.
  6. For me personally, while the transport was not ultimately a deciding factor the ease of access by public transport to the University of Sydney is a great time saver. The scholarship Sydney provides for this double medicine degree also allows me to go travelling in the holidays and get more involved in extracurricular activities and sports.

So while the 7 year degree is generally 1 year longer that most undergraduate medicine courses,  it provides many unique opportunities and you are still able to end up with a Doctor or Medicine. So those are the reasons I chose Sydney but the decision is ultimately yours. However, any pathway into medicine requires hard work and determination during not only the HSC but into a career as a doctor.

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