UCAT replaces UMAT from 2019!

Matrix UCAT courses will start in January 2019. Read our Beginners Guide to UCAT here.

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I don’t know what to expect in UMAT.

I heard that you can’t really study for UMAT.

I worry that I won’t be able to get into medicine because of UMAT.

Everything you need in one place for UMAT success.

From engaging theory lessons and up-to-date UMAT resources to hundreds of online UMAT drills – it’s all here. We’ll equip you with the logical, analytical and critical thinking skills to solve even the trickiest questions easily and quickly. We will even make sure you sit a mock UMAT exam.

Want to get into Medicine in 2020? Read our beginners guide to UCAT for everything you need to know about the UCAT exam!


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“I had heard from previous students about the difficulty of the UMAT exam, and I knew I needed help in preparing for the road ahead. It was through the Matrix UMAT course that I learnt what to expect in the exam, how to prepare and all the tricks the UMAT uses to separate its participants. The experienced teachers and comprehensive resources of the UMAT course made my path to success so much easier.”


Jason Wan, King's High School

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Practice makes perfect. But only with the right techniques.

We'll help you get exam-ready with our step-by-step approach to building logical thinking abilities, critical thinking and people skills.

Develop logical thinking abilities.

Learn to analyse questions involving statistical, numerical, complex inclusions and exclusions.

Equipped with the process for analysing the logical reasoning questions, you’ll be able to solve any unseen questions in a timely manner.

Improve your emotional intelligence.

Learn to identify feelings, behaviours and motivations of people in various scenarios.

Equipped with the skills to analyse people’s emotional reactions, you’ll be able to differentiate their feelings based on words, actions and interactions with others.

Learn to map your thought process.

Learn to quickly identify patterns and determine the next sequence.

Equipped with techniques to solve questions such as ‘Pick the Middle’ through mapping your thought process, you’ll be able to solve the tricky questions easily.

Get real with Mini UMAT Drills online.

Learn to balance your speed and accuracy using our online timed practice exams.

You’ll soon get accustomed to the real exam conditions and be on your way to finish the 3 hour exam on time!

Practise UMAT anywhere on any device.

Don’t waste your time in transit doing nothing.

You can save time and do mini UMAT drills on the go anywhere on any device.

Our UMAT Preparation Course Outline

Gain problem solving, critical thinking and people skills required for UMAT success.


Lesson 1

Logical Reasoning

  • What is ‘Logical Reasoning’?
  • Strategies for solving ‘Logical Reasoning’ questions
  • How to solve different types of logical reasoning questions:
    • Logic game questions
    • Data questions
    • Numeracy questions
    • Scientific Method questions
    • Flowchart questions
    • Dial questions
    • Puzzle questions

Lesson 2

Understanding People

Lesson 3

Non-verbal Reasoning

Lesson 4 - Exam

UMAT Exam Session

Our UMAT Preparation Course includes:


Experienced UMAT Teachers

Vast UMAT teaching experience with insights into exam techniques and an ability to explain concepts clearly.

4-day Intensive Course

Engaging 3 hour lessons where you will cover the essential UMAT techniques thoroughly.

Comprehensive Resources

A complete set of resources tailored for UMAT  success.

Mock UMAT Exam

A 3 hour Mock UMAT exam under strict exam conditions that prepares you for the real UMAT exam.

Online UMAT Practice Exams

Short drills and 3 hour long UMAT papers so students can practice their UMAT skills with exam questions.


Students’ Mock UMAT papers are marked and returned with feedback along with a copy of solutions.

UCAT replaces UMAT in 2019

University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT) Update

From 2019 students interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry and some other Clinical Science degree courses in Australia or New Zealand will sit the UCAT ANZ (University Clinical Aptitude Test Australia and New Zealand) as part of their admissions process. The UCAT ANZ will be a 2 hour computer-based test.

Read our beginners guide to UCAT for everything you need to know about the UCAT exam!

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Our UMAT Preparation Course includes:


Classes taught by inspirational teachers

3 engaging theory lessons in a small class environment

A full set of resources containing UMAT techniques and questions

Mock 3 hour UMAT Exam under strict exam conditions

2 hour Workshop to review the solutions to the Mock Exam

Hundreds of online UMAT Practice Questions

Loved by over 4500 students across 220 schools


I improved significantly during my time at Matrix for Physics through the help I received from Matrix.

- Jason Xu, 2016 Year 12 Maths

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