First Lesson Money Back Guarantee (FLMBG) – Terms and Conditions

We are so confident that our customers will be satisfied with our services that we offer a First Lesson Money Back Guarantee. If they aren’t completely satisfied, they will receive a full refund/cancellation of the class/term payment.

FLMBG will be approved if the below criteria is met:

  1. This guarantee is only available for new students who have never previously experienced lessons at Matrix Education, at any of its campuses, excluding one-off short courses.
  2. This guarantee is also available for current or returning students who have never previously experienced lessons for a particular subject at Matrix Education, at any of its campuses. (eg. Sam is currently enrolled in Physics but has never tried Maths before. He is eligible to take advantage of this guarantee if he is not happy with Maths after his first lesson.)
  3. This guarantee applies for all courses at Matrix Education.
  4. All fees paid, including the one-off $55.00 enrolment fee will be returned to the new customer if after the student’s first lesson, they are dissatisfied with their experience and they disenrol within the given timeframe, adhering to the Terms and Conditions in its entirety.
  5. Time frame/disenrolment period: Customers are eligible to take advantage of this guarantee within the first 6 days after the student’s first lesson – before the second lesson. This means the disenrolment must be finalised within this time frame.
  6. The first lesson experience is valid for one lesson per subject.
  7. All resources must be returned within the disenrolment period. If they are not all returned, the customer will be charged for the whole term regardless.
  8. The student must also complete a disenrolment survey within the disenrolment period.
  9. Upon return of all resources and completion of the disenrolment survey, the customer will be disenrolled. Any refunds that need to be issued will be processed back to the customer’s nominated credit card within 5 business days.
  10. Matrix Education reserves the right to make changes to this First Lesson Money Back Guarantee’s Terms and Conditions at its own discretion, without prior notice.


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