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Quiz: What’s your holiday study style?

Looking forward to the upcoming holidays? Take our quiz for suggestions on how to fit some study into your holiday plans, whatever they are.

Intuition: Avoiding Easy Mistakes in Science

How can you use your intuition to answer exam questions? Tips on developing your intuition to help you avoid losing easy marks in Science.

Quiz: How prepared are you for your next exam?

Take this quiz to determine how prepared you are for your next exam, and learn exam preparation strategies that you can apply to ace your…

8 Ways To Break Your Procrastination Habits

Have you found yourself spending hours on Youtube, when you need to finish that essay due tomorrow? Here are 8 ways to break your procrastination…

Quiz: What’s your learning style?

An individual’s learning style refers to the way one processes information. Identify your learning style to maximise the effectiveness of your learning!

Senior English Seminar Presentation – 2016 Matrix Open Day

View the Senior English seminar presentation slides from the Senior English Seminar, as part of the 2016 Matrix Open Day.

Meet The Team: Dr Chris Black, Senior English Teacher

Matrix Senior English Teacher, Dr Chris Black discusses his teaching and educational experience, and advice for high school students.

7 Easy Ways To Correct Poor Study Posture

Students spend a considerable amount of their days (and nights!) sitting in front of a computer, typing study notes, conducting research for assignments or to…

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