Matrix Education is committed to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environments for our students.

Matrix students are expected to:

  • Respect other students, their Teachers and all Matrix Staff and show courtesy in all interactions
  • Follow Matrix and classroom rules and follow the directions of Matrix Staff
  • Strive for the highest standards in learning
  • Comply with the school’s uniform policy or dress code
  • Attend all their Matrix lessons
  • Respect Matrix premises and property
  • Not be violent or bring weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco onto Matrix premises
  • Not bully, harass, intimidate or discriminate against anyone at Matrix

Matrix Education has a zero tolerance stance in response to behaviour that is detrimental to self or others or to the achievement of high quality teaching and learning.

Behaviour Code for Students: Actions

We implement teaching and learning approaches to support the development of skills needed by students to meet our high standards for respectful, safe and engaged behaviour.


  • Treat one another with dignity
  • Speak and behave courteously
  • Cooperate with others
  • Develop positive and respectful relationships and think about the effect on relationships before speaking and acting
  • Value the interests, ability and culture of others
  • Dress appropriately by complying with the school uniform or dress code
  • Take care with property


  • Model and follow Matrix and classroom codes of behaviour and conduct as set by Matrix Education and your classroom Teacher’s expectations
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict with empathy
  • Take personal responsibility for behaviour and actions
  • Provide timely feedback on behaviours
  • Avoid dangerous behaviour and encourage others to avoid dangerous behaviour


  • Attend all Matrix lessons
  • Arrive for class on time
  • Be prepared for every lesson by completing your weekly homework
  • Actively participate in learning
  • Strive to reach high but realistic goals

Matrix Staff, using their professional judgment, are best placed to maintain discipline and provide safe, supportive and responsive learning environments.


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