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Pramudi’s Year 10 High School Hacks For Macquarie Fields High School

In this post, Pramudi Acharige shares the tips that helped her succeed in Year 10.

Pramudi has been slaying it at school. In this post, we share her Year 10 High School Hacks for Macquarie Fields Students.

Me, Myself, and I


Pramudi Acharige


Macquarie Fields High School


Year 10 (2017)

A Little About Me:

I love swimming and have competed at the regional level multiple times. My family and I travel a lot. So, I have also developed a passion for travelling and photography. I am also an avid reader with a library of over 400 books, the majority of which I’ve read more than two times. Currently, my favourite book is “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan.


My School Life

My Goal

My ATAR goal is 99 +. I aim to study medicine and become a surgeon, dermatologist or dentist.

My Subjects

Year 10:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Graphics Technology

Year 11:

  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Graphics Technology

I’m Pro At:

My strongest subject is Mathematics. I usually get more than 95% in my exams and have ranked 1st in the grade for topic tests, half yearly and yearly exams.

I am able to perform well as I complete class work, do my extension study, revise weekly and study before a test. I also have a liking towards Maths as it is logical, straightforward and always has a set answer.


I Struggle With:

Science is my weakest subject. I used to get full marks in the first semester but they have plummeted. I’m trying to figure out my mistakes now before Year 11.


My Routine

My holidays

I try to relax as much as possible during school holidays, but only AFTER I complete at least 3-4 hours of studying.

My mum implemented this system when I started high school and I hated it… but I’m grateful as it helps me to be ahead of the class. This system is effective, as it motivates me to get up earlier so I can complete my studies and have the rest of the day to relax.

I don’t have a set timetable for the holiday, but I get up at around 10am and start studying by 11am. I do one hour blocks of studying with 10 minute breaks in the middle.

After I finish all my hours, I sit back and relax by sleeping or watching a movie.

Studying includes holiday homework, extra questions on certain topics and brushing up on content from the term.

I try to do this every weekday but yes, sometimes I spend a couple of days just sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing and that’s okay 🙂

During the term?

In term time I use this rhythm to stay on top of my Macquarie Fields High School subjects:


Table: My Macquarie Fields Study Rhythm

This is a rough version of my current timetable. It does not include my extracurricular activities because I quit swimming and gymnastics earlier in the year.

  • School work: homework, assignments and studying for tests;
  • Matrix work: homework, revising previous lesson content;
  • Study: Revising previous lesson content for a range of subjects;
  • My family usually goes out on the weekend so I don’t get to work until the night.


I Fight Distractions by:

My phone is my biggest distraction.

Recently, I figured out that the best way for me to not get distracted by my phone is to Bluetooth music to my speaker, turn my WiFi off, and keep my phone away from me. As a result, I have music to help me concentrate and my notifications won’t distract me either.

I like to motivate myself by studying in one-hour blocks and then reward myself by having a 5-10 minute break where I watch YouTube or go through social media.


I Also:

  • Whenever I feel stressed out or tired, I like to listen and dance to music, watch funny vines compilations or go to sleep. Sleep always helps 🙂
  • Sport helped me maintain balance. In my case, swimming and gymnastics helped me stay fit, release stress and have fun. It also gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with new people and make new friends.
  • I like to go out with my friends or on a family trip on the weekend as it helps me relax and not overwork myself.



Exam Preparation

I prepare for exams by:

These are the rules I adhere to when I study –

  • If you have doubts or questions, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher.
  • I made a rule for myself called the “1×3 rule”: review lesson content 1 day, 1 week and 1 month after you learnt it. I do this for both my school and Matrix lessons as this helps me remember concepts and formulas more easily.
  • Schedule in study/revision times on your calendar or diary.
  • Make extra notes on the most important content.
  • Get up early in the morning and flick over your books and notes.
  • Go over your books and notes again before the test, so it is fresh in your mind.


  • English: Write practise essays and ask your teacher to mark them to get feedback and memorise quotes by writing them repeatedly and saying it out loud.
  • Maths: Know your concepts and formulas clearly. Do practice questions for each formula and do word problems.

My Achievements

What are your proudest achievements this year?

My proudest achievements this year are:

  • Ranked 1st for Graphics Technology with the highest mark of 101% for my Architectural Design Assignment
  • Semester award for Graphics and PDHPE
  • Ranked 1st for the Geography Yearly Exam.
  • Ranked 1st in the grade for the Mathematics Half Yearly Level 3 paper.


My Regrets

I wish someone told me earlier that organisation is key and helped me become organised. As I was disorganised, I would stress and cry thinking about the massive workload I had. This was bad for my mental health and affected me a lot until I made a rough timetable and set days to do certain tasks.

If I could start the year again I would not drop any of my extra-curricular activities and I would implement a timetable at the start of the year. My biggest regret is dropping all my extra-curricular activities. It was a stressful time as I couldn’t balance them with school. My endurance has significantly reduced and I no longer feel fit and healthy. I also regret not implementing a timetable earlier in the year as it would have helped me stay organised and improve my school marks.


My Advice to Future Year 10 Students

Three things you must do at the beginning of Year 10:

    Motivation is key to completing tasks and reaching your goals. Reward yourself after you complete tasks. For example, watching a Youtube video, after you finish your matrix homework. Goals are extremely important as they are a source of motivation to do your best. Even if you don’t get the marks you wanted, don’t be disheartened. As one of my head teachers say, “Fail is just the ‘First Attempt In Learning’” 🙂
    Doing an extracurricular activity is important as it is relaxing and keeps you fit and healthy. It also gives you the opportunity to hang out with your friends.
    Creating a routine is extremely important to stay organised. Create a timetable that shows when school, Matrix classes and extracurricular activities are and allocate times to do homework, assignments, Matrix work and other work. The workload given in Year 10 is drastically different from Year 9 so this is critical.

Three things you must NOT do at the beginning of Year 10:

    Overworking yourself is bad. You’re only in Year 10 so you should also create time to go outside, hang out with your friends and kick back and relax.
    Procrastination becomes a habit and this is the worst time to get into a bad habit like procrastination. When you’re in Year 10, your workload increases significantly and effective time management is essential. When you’re given a task, finish it off as soon as possible. Reward yourself after 🙂
  3. DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is extremely addictive, so try to reduce the time you spend on social media throughout the year and start small. For example, try stopping your streaks to reduce the time you spend on Snapchat or reading a book instead of playing a game on your phone.


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