Matrix Graduate Returns From Harvard

Posted on June 20, 2012 by Matrix Education


After studying at Harvard Medical School and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, it’s back to the hectic life as a final year Medical student.

UNSW Medical student and Matrix graduate Linda Zhang recently spent four weeks in Boston completing an Emergency Medicine elective with Harvard Medical School.

Although Linda’s lectures and tutorials were held at hospitals rather than on campus she said her time with the Ivy League University was a great opportunity to meet medical students from all over the world.

“I can say that American medical students are some of the smartest, hardest working students I have ever met,” she said.

“You might even say they are a bit intense.

“It is definitely more competitive there, but they are still willing to give a helping hand.”

Following her time in America she completed another General Medicine elective with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Linda Zhang said she feels extremely privileged to able to travel while receiving exceptional teaching.

“Students have travelled all around the world during their elective, ranging from placements in developing countries such as South Africa to beautiful holiday destinations such as Los Angeles and Paris,” she said.

“For me, medicine is the perfect degree in which I obtain a foundation initially from lectures and tutorials, then I build on that knowledge through practical experience and observing experienced doctors.”

Currently she is completing a four week placement in a GP clinic in Southwest Sydney and on completion she will head to Woolgoolga for a rural placement.

The final year medical student said rural placements provide opportunities to enhance her practical experience.

“Even though it is a GP practice that I will be stationed at, there aren’t many hospitals nearby so there will be a lot of Accident & Emergency cases,” she said.

“It should be a lot of fun learning while spending time in basically a holiday house along the coast.”

Upon graduation from the six year degree in November, Linda will complete an internship at a local hospital commencing in January 2013.

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