Maths Ext 2 Trial Exam Preparation Course

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Revise core topics with HSC Experts

In 6 days, gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the HSC Maths Ext 2 course topics with exposure to over 150 HSC exam-style questions.

Take your skills to the next level

Easily solve tricky questions

Learn the most effective and efficient problem solving techniques. Perfect your skills with hundreds of  exam questions and become exam ready!

Practice HSC Trial Exam

Perform under pressure

Improve your exam skills by learning how to balance your speed and accuracy. Sit the Matrix Mock HSC Trial exam under exam conditions to find knowledge gaps and receive feedback from our experienced HSC teachers.

Maths Ext 2 Trial Exam Prep Course Details

Day-by-day breakdown


Day 1

Complex Numbers & Polynomials

  • Revision of Complex Numbers
  • Revision of Polynomials
  • Typical Exams Questions and past HSC practice questions

Day 2

Curve Sketching & Integration

  • Curve Sketching Techniques and past exams questions
  • Techniques of Integration on various types of functions
  • Recurrence relations and reduction formulae

Day 3

Volumes & Conics

  • The washer and cylindrical shell method for volumes of solids of revolution
  • Volumes of solids with known cross sections
  • Revision of Conic Sections

Day 4


  • Resisted Motion and Newton’s three laws of motions
  • Circular motion and conical pendulum
  • Motions on curved banks

Day 5

Harder 3 Units Topics

  • Inequalities and proofs using known results, differentiation and integration
  • Mathematical Inductions: Series Induction with Trigonometric Functions, Divisibility, Inequality, Sequence, Geometric and Miscellaneous Inductions
  • Circle Geometry · Permutations, Combinations and Probability

Day 6

Mock HSC Exam

  • 3 hour mock HSC Maths Extension 2 exam under exam conditions.
  • Students’ exam papers are marked and returned with feedback.
  • Solution to the Mock HSC exam paper is provided.

Our Maths Ext 2 Trial Exam Prep Course includes:

Experienced HSC Teachers

Vast HSC teaching experience with insights into exam techniques and an ability to explain concepts clearly.

6-day Intensive Course

3 hour lessons where you’ll cover the HSC syllabus thoroughly.

Extensive Resources

A complete set of resources tailored for HSC exam success.

Mock HSC exam

A 3 hour Mock Trial Exam that prepares you for your HSC Trial exam.

Individual Feedback

Students’ exam papers are marked and returned with feedback along with a copy of solutions.

Dedicated Customer Service

A friendly customer service team on standby to provide timely support.

Maths Ext. 2 Trial Exam Prep Course Timetable


Dates and venue for Year 12 Maths Ext. 2 HSC Trial Prep Course for 2020

to be confirmed!

Meet Our Inspirational Maths Ext. 2 Teacher


Mr. Andy Tran


Andy graduated from a Bachelor of Science and Arts at the University of Sydney. Andy has been writing lesson content and teaching and lecturing maths to high school students since 2015. In addition to teaching at Matrix, he is a lecturer for the Australian Mathematics Trust in Olympiad Mathematics.

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What you'll get:

  • Thorough coverage of the entire HSC Maths syllabus

  • A full set of resources tailored for HSC trial exam success

  • Mock HSC exam - marked with feedback

  • Complete solutions to the mock trial exam

  • Dedicated customer service

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