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Maths Ext 1 Trial Exam Prep Course Details

Day-by-day breakdown


Day 1

Functions and Relations

  • Harder Transformations
  • Harder Inequalities
  • Inverse Functions
  • Parametric Equations
  • Polynomials

Day 2


  • Compound Angle Formula
  • Double Angle Formula
  • Product to Sums
  • T-formula, Auxiliary Angle Formula
  • Proof / Show + Solving Equations
  • General Solution to Equations
  • Inverse Trigonometry (Follows 12MAX1 HSC Prep 2019)

Day 3

Applications of Calculus, Differential Equations

  • Related Rates of Change
  • Techniques of Integration
  • Volumes of Solids of Revolution
  • Modelling Exponential Growth and Decay
  • Differential Equations

Day 4

Binomial Expansion, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Probability

  • Binomial Theorem and Expansion
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Binomial Probability​

Day 5

Binomial Distribution, Permutations and Combinations, Pigeonhole Principle, Harder Probability

  • Perms and Combs
  • Pigeonhole Principle
  • Normal Approximations using Binomial

Day 6


  • Vector Notations
  • Geometric and Algebraic Vectors
  • The Scalar Product and Applications
  • Vector Projections
  • Application of Vectors and Proofs

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