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I need structure and encouragement in my studies

I feel like I’m the only one in my class that doesn’t understand the work.

I wish I could get individual help.


Stay one step ahead of your peers with engaging Live Theory Classes

Live-streamed theory lessons are paired with Theory Books for engaging and structured learning.

Personalised help via online One-to-one and Group Workshops to address any gaps in your learning.

Get detailed feedback on your homework and topic tests so you can improve your marks.

How Matrix Live Online Learning Works

3 Steps To Academic Success

Live Structured Theory Classes, Matrix Resources and individual help at home

Step 1

Log in to your live-streamed class

Join your Matrix teacher and classmates for an engaging virtual classroom experience

Step 2

Complete Work Book or homework

Reinforce your understanding of concepts learnt in class

Step 3

Get additional help

Join online One-to-one or Group Workshops to ask questions about the course or homework.

Step 4

Complete weekly Quizzes and Topic Test in class to identify learning gaps

Monitor your progress with weekly results on the Matix Learning Management System (LMS).

Matrix Live Online Course Features

Engaging and structured online learning experience

1. Structured live-streamed lessons

Matrix teachers host weekly live theory lessons in a virtual classroom for a 9-week term. Log on to your scheduled lesson with your classmates to learn in real-time.

2. Subject Matter Experts

Our teachers have vast classroom teaching, HSC and/or university teaching experience and know what it takes to ace the HSC.

3. Personalised help

Address any gaps in your learning with one-to-one or group workshops with our tutors.

4. Comprehensive Resources

A full set of resources written by academics and education researchers covering all aspects of the new NSW syllabus.

5. Reporting

Weekly tracking of Quiz and Topic Test results to help students and their parents monitor progress.

6. Additional Online Resources

Online access to senior supplementary exam papers/texts with Band 6 responses.

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