Choose the Right Subjects for HSC Success  

Matrix invites all Year 10 students and parents to our Town Hall Campus to attend our free Subject Selection Seminar!

Our Chief Academic Coordinator will give valuable insight into the subject selection process and how subject selection affects a student’s ATAR and university course entrance.

Students and parents learn:

  • The right process for your subject selection
  • The process for determining your ATAR
  • What ATAR is and how it is calculated
  • How subject selection affects your ATAR
  • How your HSC mark for each course is calculated
  • What scaling is and how each subject is scaled
  • The process for defining, tracking and achieving your ATAR goal
Students and parents receive:
  • A demonstration of how they can set and achieve their ATAR goal using school rankings as a key indicator
  • The chance to ask questions to our HSC Experts about the subject selection process





You must register to attend – spaces are strictly limited.
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