An exclusive, interactive seminar for Year 11 and Year 12 students

Matrix invites all students to our Town Hall Campus to attend our free ATAR & Scaling Seminar.

Our Chief Academic Coordinator will give a step by step, practical demonstration on how to set and achieve your ATAR goal.
This guided seminar will teach students how to become effective with your studies by doing the right things the right way.


Students will learn:

Part 1: All About ATAR & Scaling
  • All about ATAR and how it is determined
  • The difference between HSC Marks and Scaled Marks
  • Why assessment marks are moderated and how it affects your HSC Marks
  • How scaling works and why it is necessary
  • How different subjects are scaled
  • How to take advantage of scaling to maximise your ATAR
Part 2: How to achieve your ATAR goal
  • The characteristics of successful students
  • How to define an ATAR goal with purpose
  • How to breakdown your ATAR goal into subject rankings at school
  • How to track your progress weekly, monthly and quarterly
  • How to prioritise your tasks and be more effective
  • How to establish your weekly rhythm

Students receive:

  • The Matrix ATAR & Scaling Ebook
  • Demonstrations on how to use the Matrix ATAR Calculator to breakdown your ATAR goal.
  • The Matrix Goal Setting Template: A step by step guide for identifying, prioritising and tracking your personal goals.

Cost: Free



You must register to attend – spaces are strictly limited.



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