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Matrix English Tutoring Program

English tutoring at Matrix is known for their personalised teaching approach. Students develop the ability to answer English response questions and compose essays with ease. Experienced English tutors expose students to essential skills and strategies for approaching texts, assignments and exams. Year 7-12 English tutoring courses at Matrix prepare students to excel in school assessments and the HSC.

During Matrix English classes, students develop:

  • The skills required to fulfill the Outcomes of the Australian National Curriculum
  • The ability transfer knowledge, skills and understanding of language concepts for a range of purposes, including school assessments and exams
  • An advanced understanding of textual analysis and the key concepts needed for HSC success
  • Highly developed skills in composing creative and critical texts
  • The first four lessons of each term are focused on building theoretical knowledge, whilst students develop their written skills in the last four lessons.

In addition to theory classes, students receive:

  • 160 page theory booklet created by our team of Academic Experts
  • 70 page work booklet to reinforce and practice skills learnt in class
  • Topic tests held under strict exam style conditions to prepare them for school assessments

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