English Advanced Trial Exam Preparation Online Course

Sharpen your skills

Learn essential exam techniques

Learn to apply effective exam techniques including insightful interpretation of exam questions; essay writing strategies; and time management.

Stop memorising essays

Learn to write Band 6 essays

Impress your markers by applying our analysis of the HSC marking criteria. Produce Band 6 essays each day and be more prepared  than ever.

Think like an examiner

Receive individual feedback

Improve your responses every day with personalised and detailed feedback from our experienced HSC teachers. You’ll have clarity on how to take your essay to the next level.

What our online Year 12 English Advanced students receive

Clear, Structured Theory Lesson Videos

Matrix Q&A Board

Comprehensive Theory Book

Detailed Individual Feedback

Clear, Structured Daily Theory Lesson Videos

Experienced teachers guide you through every concept and example in your Matrix book.

Easy-to-follow theory lessons taught by subject matter experts

Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding with easy to follow theory explanations.

Experienced teachers explain every aspect of the syllabus.

Learn at your own pace, online

Pause, replay or speed up and watch as many times as you need.

Re-watch until you understand with video playback options.

Practice makes perfect! Apply your new skills to writing tasks.

Develop your written expression and bring your ideas together with expert advice.

Submit your writing task to be marked and returned with feedback.

The Matrix+ Online Learning Method TM

Theory Lesson Videos, Matrix Resources and Online Help at home

Watch clear, structured Theory Lesson Videos with your Matrix Theory Book

Learn at your own pace with easy to follow theory explanations.

Watch your daily Theory Video Lesson.

Complete exam-style questions

Reinforce your understanding of key scientific theories.

Attempt practice questions and ask your questions on the Matrix Q&A Board, anytime.

Ask Questions on the Q&A Board

Stuck on a question? Post your question and receive responses within 1 working day.

After your Theory lesson, post your questions anytime for individual help.

English Trial Exam Preparation Online Course Details

Online lesson breakdown


Day 1

Common Module - Unseen Texts

  • How to get the most marks in Section I: Unseen Texts
  • Breakdown of the syllabus requirements
  • Detailed analysis of the Common Module marking criteria
  • How to understand the expectations of the HSC markers
  • Writing practice – Short answer responses under timed conditions

Day 2

Common Module - Sustained Response

  • How to approach Section II: The Sustained Response
  • Detailed analysis of the Common Module marking criteria
  • Revision of your prescribed text in connection with the syllabus
  • How to interpret sustained response questions
  • How to plan your answer under timed conditions
  • Writing practice – Common Module sustained response

Day 3

Module A - Textual Conversations

  • Revision of your understanding of context
  • Breakdown of the syllabus requirements
  • Detailed analysis of the Module A marking criteria
  • How to interpret the Module A questions
  • How to plan your response under timed conditions
  • Writing practice – Module A essay


Day 4

Module B - Critical Study of Literature

  • Revision of context and textual integrity
  • Breakdown of the syllabus
  • Detailed analysis of the Module B marking criteria
  • How to interpret Module B questions
  • How to plan your response under timed conditions
  • Writing practice – Module B essay


Day 5

Module C - The Craft of Writing

  • Breakdown of the syllabus
  • How to approach imaginative writing
  • How to approach discursive writing
  • Practicing personal reflection
  • Detailed analysis of the Module C marking criteria
  • How to plan a Module C response under timed conditions
  • Writing practice – Module C response


Day 6

Mock Exam

  • A complete mock exam of either Paper 1 or Paper 2 depending on the needs of the class
  • Peer review and collaborative feedback session


The Trial Exam Prep Course has passed. But good news!

Our English Advanced HSC Preparation online courses start on Monday 8 August 2022.

Learn more or enrol now to get your books delivered in 2 working days.

Meet Our Inspirational English Teachers

Mr Patrick Condliffe
BA (Hons)

Patrick has been teaching English at Matrix Education since 2012 and has guided hundreds of students through HSC English to achieve their academic goals while fostering an appreciation for the art of writing. When he is not teaching, he is the editor of the Matrix Blog, which reaches over 2 million readers annually.

Year 12 English Adv Online Trial Prep Course Pricing


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Enrol online now to receive

Year 12 English Adv. Online Trial Prep Course includes:


Online lessons taught by Experienced Teachers.

9-lesson intensive course, where you will cover the HSC syllabus for your trials.

Comprehensive resources delivered to your home.

Detailed feedback from our experienced HSC teachers on your essays every day.

Learn how to maximise your marks by analysing other Band 6 student responses composed in the HSC exams.

Individual help through the Matrix Q&A Board.


Who are the teachers featured in the videos?

Our Matrix teachers (who are subject matter experts) will be conducting the Online Theory Lesson Videos. They are experienced educators who are knowledgeable and know how to explain things clearly.

How will I receive Matrix Resources?

All books are shipped via Express Post and will be delivered directly to your front door!

How long do I get access to the Q&A Boards?

Students will receive access to the Q&A Boards until the day of the HSC exams.

How long can I access this course?

Students will be able to access the online videos and additional materials (including worked solutions) until the start of the HSC exams.




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