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Year 9 Maths Max Series Volume 1 is an Exam Preparation Book that covers the topics ‘Algebra and Surds & Indices’.


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How this 120 page book will help you get exam-ready

This exam preparation book will help you get exam-ready by filling the gap between your school textbook and real exams.

Save time with the concise summary of key concepts.

The brief, succinct explanations at the start of each chapter revises key concepts effortlessly.

Examples that actually appear in your exams.

The examples expose you to questions that will actually be in your exam – no more surprises! The step-by-step worked solution provides a right structure for maximising marks in exams.

Build your confidence with Exam-Style Questions.

Questions are organised in a progressive manner to help students build their confidence.

Pinpoint your errors with line by line detailed solutions.

Line by line solutions make it easy for you to pin-point your errors and facilitate independent learning.

Assess your abilities with the level of difficulty indicator.

Questions are categorised into 4 levels of difficulty and is a useful self-assessment tool.

1. Basic

2. Fundamental

3. Difficult

4. Challenging

Solve difficult problems easily with helpful hints.

Hints from ‘NOTES TO STUDENTS’ are helpful for solving a difficult problem without taking a peak of the solution.

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What our students say about this book

"The brief, succinct explanations at the start of each chapter were extremely useful for revision purposes."
- Chloe Beydoun, Strathfield Girls High
"This textbook was a great resource for my final exam preparation as similar questions appeared in my school exams."
- Gary Chan , North Sydney Boys High
"Gaining exposure to more challenging, exam-style questions gave me an advantage in preparing for exams."
- Grace Zhu, Presbyterian Ladies' College

Year 9 Maths Max Series™ Volume 1


120 Page Book covering the topics ‘Algebraic Techniques and Surds & Indices’ from the ‘Number & Algebra’ strand of the NSW Mathematics Stage 5.2 and 5.3 Syllabus.


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