How Parents Can Help Their Child During The HSC

Posted on June 4, 2012 by Matrix Education



Here are some tips on how parents can help their child during the HSC:

Be supportive

Remember that your child likely stressed about the upcoming exam, so your support will make a lot of difference to their state of mind. Remind them of times when they have been successful over the past few years. With these concrete examples of their capabilities, they will be more likely to think positively during the exam and overcome anxiety.

Talk to your child regularly

Stay in the loop with your child’s academic work. Some kids have difficulty understanding mathematical or scientific concepts. Identifying these problems and addressing these issues early on are crucial in the academic success of your child. There’s nothing wrong in asking for extra assistance from your school teacher or a tutor. After each exam, discuss the exam with your child, what they found easy and what they may have found difficult. Then move on and focus on the next test rather than dwelling on problems that can’t be changed.

Create a calm home environment

Make home life as calm and pleasant as possible during exam study periods. Give them the space and time they need to make the most of their revision. Also, being flexible about their chores or untidy bedrooms can help prevent stress.

Ensure your child eats well

A balanced diet is vital for your child’s health.  Regular meals shouldn’t be skipped or compromised for studying. Nutritious meals and healthy snacks should be consumed at school and at home. Although it may be tempting, avoid junk food during exam study periods.

Encourage sleep

A good night’s sleep will improve thinking and concentration. Teenagers should be sleeping between eight to ten hours each night. Before hitting the sack, it’s also recommended that students allow at least half an hour to wind down from studying, watching TV or using electronic devices.

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