5 Reasons Students Should Read Books

Posted on September 1, 2013 by Matrix Education


1. Expands vocabulary

Regular reading exposes students to numerous writing styles and learn new vocabulary. Students become exposed to proper grammar and while looking at the words, their minds are able to comprehend and store the information. Even when they come across new words that they may not understand, students absorb something from the context that may help deepen the understanding of it the next time is it encountered.

2. Boost creativity

Fiction books increases creativity, especially at a young age. It’s been widely known that creativity can help solve problems, write books, produce music and spark innovation. Being able to write creatively is also highly beneficial in high school as it is examined in the HSC.

3. Improve writing skills

With an improved vocabulary and increase of creativity, students have a better chance of writing exceptional written work. While reading, students unconsciously absorb the grammar and writing style of the author.

4. Develop analytical thinking skills

Reading enhances knowledge by exercising the brain and causing it to think more, therefore enhancing intelligence. This helps students to study subjects with more ease and retain the knowledge received from the subject, making them more knowledgeable. Studies have shown that reading enhances analytical thinking as readers are able to spot patterns quicker.

5. Enhances memory

Memory and reading are closely linked. Regular reading helps improve memory at a young age as they help you stretch your memory muscles because it requires you to remember details, plot lines, themes, facts and figures and characters.

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